Tuesday, July 28, 2015

HAL v 1.2

OK version 1.2 is ready. It is a small update that includes some changes to how the invokes work. essentially it is just setting it so that when you send the command it doesn't close the session it waits for the next command, making the sending of multiple commands easier. For those who are already using the program there is a small change you will need to make to your user functions file for Lambda (the two lines for when it can't find the device or the command had to be changed to ask instead of tells so they don't close the session).

I have updated the zip on my google drive I  have not gotten to the github yet, I will git to that as soon as possible (see what I did there). I just updated the github, please bear with me this is my first project on github so I don't quite git the file system so even though we are now on 1.2 it is still in the folder marked 1.1 (when I do the next release I think I will clear out the github and redo the filing)

PS: From now on when ever I have to say get when talking about the github files I am going to say git because it is just too easy of a pun for me to resist

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