Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Job search update

So today I got a call about a possible job offer. It sounded like a great offer and the interviewer seemed to think I was almost a perfect fit, just one problem they need someone right away while I need to finish school before I can move out to LA, but he went ahead and is sending my file along because I was such a good fit. So while I might not get the job it still makes me feel more confident and it was great networking, who knows maybe another job with them will open up near when I will be available.

Also I have expanded my job search resources, I now have a Career Builder and Glass Door profile in addition to my other profiles.  I also have a mock interview set up at the career center at my university on Thursday so that should be fun. As always if you are looking for an amazing entry level employee in a tech field (DBA, Sys Admin, Net Admin, etc.) in the LA area I would love to help you out.

School Update: I am right in the middle of the first round of exams for the semester and so far so good, all As.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Summer Wrap Up and Back to School

My last semester of college has started. I am kind of sad and pretty nervous. I am having to apply for jobs, and on top of that I am trying to find jobs out in California, specifically the Anaheim area, (if anyone is looking or knowing of someone who is looking please let me know, I am thinking database administrator or system admin).

First off wrap up of my summer, my internship went great. I learned a lot I had a great experience, I got to work with developing two different tools for the team I am working with. The first one was a lab utility tool (or at least that is what I am calling it). It was a combination of a tool for other teams to send in requests of what they want the team to test, and a inventory system. I built it using access and SharePoint (to let the tool sync across users). The second tool was a resource utilization monitor to run on ESXi (VMware) to monitor the utilization of specific processes we were testing that I built in Python.

Now about school, my clubs are kicking off and should be fun and classes are pretty interesting.
  • Strategic Management and Polices - It is about high level management like how management comes up with mission statements and measures performance 
  • Operations Management - kind of the opposite of Strategy, it is all about the more nitty gritty management dealing right with the employees
  • Digital Forensics and Information Assurance Fundamentals - it is all about cyber security and well digital forensics (collecting evidence off of computers)
  • Special Topics in MIS - 
  • Business Network Management - we are learning about how networks work both the tech and logistics
  • Managerial Economics - it is basically next level business analysis, it combines it with economics and calculus
  • Business Database Management II - getting more in the nitty gritty of databases, deeper into theory and more SQL.
Should be a good year

Oh and on top of all that I am helping my friend set up a modded Minecraft server, it is almost ready.