Thursday, October 29, 2015


So I have been applying for jobs for a while now and basically what I have been getting back is that I look really good for jobs but they are looking for people who can start within a week, but I am still going to keep trying. I have also been talking with a few placement agencies, basically they help out smaller companies with HR (both for contract work and for full time) and so far they think I will do pretty well but I am just early at applying.

I also am going to a regional AITP conference this weekend. I am going to try for a certification (ICCP certification) and I am going to compete in two events. The first one is in database design so lots of SQL but also database structure and documentation. The other contest is on PC troubleshooting, basically I will take a test on theory of troubleshooting, while it is called PC troubleshooting it sounds like they also cover Linux.  It should be lots of fun and hopefully good networking.

Finally an update on my classes, I am getting into the second round of midterms and so far things are going pretty well (all As so far).

PS: I am going to try to fit in some time to work more on HAL after this round of midterms, I will hopefully have version 1.5 up within a week or two.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Beta Gamma Sigma

I just got invited to join Beta Gamma Sigma. Beta Gamma Sigma is a business honor society, they only take the top 10% of COBA Seniors (and top 7% of COBA Juniors) so I am really excited. It looks like it will be a great group to be affiliated with, there is only one downside, the ceremony isn't till March but I am graduating and leaving the area in December so I might not be able to make the ceremony but that is just a formality it looks like after my paper work is processed I will officially be a member.