Sunday, November 29, 2015

It is almost time...

So just getting back from thanksgiving break. Only one week of classes left. Less than two more weeks till I graduate. I am still looking for jobs but I am still hopeful. So far all the people I have talked too said most jobs are looking for someone who can start within a week and I am planning to stay here till after Christmas (but if I get an offer I am definitely flexible). I am really looking forward to moving out west, starting a new career.

Also just an update grades are still going well, still keeping a 4.0 for the semester so far. Also I am anticipating getting two Microsoft Technical Associate certifications (as they are part of my classes).

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

AITP Regional Conference Cancelled

So the conference that was supposed to be this weekend got cancelled.  I was really looking forward to going. Apparently there was flooding and tornadoes in San Marcos where the conference was going to be.  They are planning to reschedule so hopefully I will be able to go.