Tuesday, July 28, 2015

HAL v 1.2

OK version 1.2 is ready. It is a small update that includes some changes to how the invokes work. essentially it is just setting it so that when you send the command it doesn't close the session it waits for the next command, making the sending of multiple commands easier. For those who are already using the program there is a small change you will need to make to your user functions file for Lambda (the two lines for when it can't find the device or the command had to be changed to ask instead of tells so they don't close the session).

I have updated the zip on my google drive I  have not gotten to the github yet, I will git to that as soon as possible (see what I did there). I just updated the github, please bear with me this is my first project on github so I don't quite git the file system so even though we are now on 1.2 it is still in the folder marked 1.1 (when I do the next release I think I will clear out the github and redo the filing)

PS: From now on when ever I have to say get when talking about the github files I am going to say git because it is just too easy of a pun for me to resist

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Home Arduino Logistics Version 1.1 Released

I just published HAL version 1.1, Here are the changes:

  • Split the custom switch statements off into a separate file (for both the Lambda and the Arduino codes). This will allow easier customization and let you keep your functions after an update. But the settings (logons and stuff) are still in the base files
  • Added in different versions of the Arduino code to allow use on Arduinos with Ethernet or WiFi shields 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Home Arduino Logistics Version 1.1 Plans

I am currently working on developing HAL version 1.1. Here are some of the plans for 1.1:

  • Easier to modify
    • I am going to move the custom functions into separate files from the main code (for both lambda and Arduino) making it easier to add in your custom functions. Currently the settings are still in the main files though.
  • Different connection methods
    • I am working on making 3 varients of the arduino side code allowing it to be run on Yuns (currently the only option), Arduinos with WiFi shields, and Arduinos with Ethernet shields Note: I only have a Yun so I will not be able to really test the WiFi and Ethernet versions so I will be depending on you guys for bug reports
I need to do a bit more testing but I think I should be able to release 1.1 tonight

Saturday, July 11, 2015


Sorry I felt this was too cool to just say hello world. I finally got my Amazon Echo skill (Home Arduino Logistics) working. I need to clean it up a little, finish testing, and documenting but I will post my code (and the documentation) as soon as that is done. I can't wait to show it to you all.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Project HAL Update

I think most of my code is working now, I just need to set up port forwarding on my router and then I can test if the lambda function works right, if it does I should be pretty much done with coding HAL itself all I will have to do is write up the documentation and then I will be ready to distribute. Now what I am going to distribute is just the bridge that lets the echo talk to the Arduino, for it to be of any use you will have to code the uses yourself.

ETA of initial release: this Sunday if everything runs nicely.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Home Arduino Logistics Update

So I am still working on the Amazon Echo Skill. I have had to make some changes to the plans.

First off I had to switch over to using Amazons SQS to HTTP endpoint messaging instead of using MQTT (so it will run on the lambda), but because I am going to use that I don't think I will be able to host for other people (because of how the subscription system works with it). But I will instead just distribute my code so other people can deploy it themselves.

Second off I had to ditch DynomoDB for some reason it was being weird and wasn't sending or receiving data, but since I am now just doing this for me (instead of public release) that is not really an issue now.

But on the positive side I think I figured out what all hardware I need for the arduino and ordered most of it and buying the rest on Friday.