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About Home Arduino Logistics (Project HAL)

Do you wish that you could have your own JARVIS? While the Amazon Echo creates an excellent voice interface for your house it doesn't quite have the functionality in the physical realm yet and that is where Home Arduino Logistics (HAL) comes in. Using the cloud HAL is able to let your Echo connect to Arduino devices and execute your custom commands. So anything you can program your Arduino to do you will now be able to have it do via voice.

[Disclaimer: currently the communication is only one way (from the Echo to the Arduino), when there is a way for the Echo skill to be activated remotely two way communication will be in the works, also due to how NearBus works you are only able to send a number so you will have to translate from text commands on the Lambda]

Current Status: 1.2 Release

I have posted a download of the code that includes the bridgeheads all you have to do is set it up yourselves and make the necessary modifications for it to do what you want.

How to set it up


    What are the parts of the software:
  • The Echo Skill
  • The AWS Lambda Function
  • The Arduino code


    Things You Will Need:
  • An Amazon Echo
  • An Arduino
  • A Internet connection for the Arduino (Yun, Ethernet, WiFi)



To keep up with the latest news about HAL click here


Due to how the customization works, I am not able to run the lambda for everyone from my account, but the code isn't that big so it should be able to be hosted without any costs (unless you use it an insane amount).

If you have any questions, suggestions, or bugs just let me know, ether post a comment below or use the contact form on the side bar. Thanks


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