Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Home Arduino Logistics Version 1.1 Plans

I am currently working on developing HAL version 1.1. Here are some of the plans for 1.1:

  • Easier to modify
    • I am going to move the custom functions into separate files from the main code (for both lambda and Arduino) making it easier to add in your custom functions. Currently the settings are still in the main files though.
  • Different connection methods
    • I am working on making 3 varients of the arduino side code allowing it to be run on Yuns (currently the only option), Arduinos with WiFi shields, and Arduinos with Ethernet shields Note: I only have a Yun so I will not be able to really test the WiFi and Ethernet versions so I will be depending on you guys for bug reports
I need to do a bit more testing but I think I should be able to release 1.1 tonight

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