Thursday, September 10, 2015

Summer Wrap Up and Back to School

My last semester of college has started. I am kind of sad and pretty nervous. I am having to apply for jobs, and on top of that I am trying to find jobs out in California, specifically the Anaheim area, (if anyone is looking or knowing of someone who is looking please let me know, I am thinking database administrator or system admin).

First off wrap up of my summer, my internship went great. I learned a lot I had a great experience, I got to work with developing two different tools for the team I am working with. The first one was a lab utility tool (or at least that is what I am calling it). It was a combination of a tool for other teams to send in requests of what they want the team to test, and a inventory system. I built it using access and SharePoint (to let the tool sync across users). The second tool was a resource utilization monitor to run on ESXi (VMware) to monitor the utilization of specific processes we were testing that I built in Python.

Now about school, my clubs are kicking off and should be fun and classes are pretty interesting.
  • Strategic Management and Polices - It is about high level management like how management comes up with mission statements and measures performance 
  • Operations Management - kind of the opposite of Strategy, it is all about the more nitty gritty management dealing right with the employees
  • Digital Forensics and Information Assurance Fundamentals - it is all about cyber security and well digital forensics (collecting evidence off of computers)
  • Special Topics in MIS - 
  • Business Network Management - we are learning about how networks work both the tech and logistics
  • Managerial Economics - it is basically next level business analysis, it combines it with economics and calculus
  • Business Database Management II - getting more in the nitty gritty of databases, deeper into theory and more SQL.
Should be a good year

Oh and on top of all that I am helping my friend set up a modded Minecraft server, it is almost ready.

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