Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Semester Wrap-Up

Sorry about not posting for a while, I have been really busy with finals, projects, on campus organizations, etc. So here is the wrap up of the semester that I just finished.

First off the important stuff, grades. I got all As again, even taking 21 credit hours. I had some really interesting classes. System Analysis & Design had a rather cool way of doing the class, basically the whole semester we were in groups and we had to work like consultants on a database project for a small business. I also rather enjoyed my E-Commerce Implementation class which was all about webdesign, I even got to learn a bit of java script. All my other classes were nice but not much to write about.

On top of all the stuff for classes I had all the stuff for my on campus organizations. I helped lead a pretty successful fundraiser for Sam Houston Association of Computer Scientists (SHACS). We had some eWaste (old printers, scanners, and computer towers) that people got to hit with a baseball bat, we charged a dollar a swing or five swings for three dollars. Our investment in equipment (mostly safety equipment) was only $17 but we had over $60 in revenue.

In addition to that I also had the transfer of officer positions for both of my organisations, I officially transferred the position of treasurer of SHACS (which includes training my replacement in all the paperwork and documentation, and having to count all the money which was mostly small bills). While in our student chapter of AITP (Association of Information Technology Professionals) my position (Head of Social Media and Public Relations) got integrated into the position of Secretary which I then got elected to even though I will only be able to hold the position for one semester because I graduate in December.

So overall a pretty good penultimate semester

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