Tuesday, May 26, 2015

First Week of Work & Summer Plans

So I started work last week it looks like it is going to be pretty interesting, got a couple of projects the team I am interning with wants me to work on. So far things are going well, already got some ideas on how to tackle some of the projects. The team seams pretty nice so it looks like it will be pretty cool. I will update you more about the projects as I work on them (and I make sure that I can talk about them.

In addition to work this summer I have a couple of projects I am planning on working on this summer on my own. First off I made a mod for Kerbal Space Program, so far it is doing pretty well but I am hoping to add more stuff to it. In addition to that I was able to order an Amazon Echo that is set to deliver late next month and I have an idea of something I want to do with it, I want to try to have it work with an Arduino controller to work as a voice activated universal remote, I need more info about the Echo's API but then I think I can get started on "project HAL" (Home-theater Ardino Logistics) and yes I did just call it that so I can call it HAL, but anyways that should be fun and I will post more on here as I get some of it working.

By the way if you want to check out the mods page it is here.

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