Wednesday, April 8, 2015

AITP NCC Conference Wrap Up

I just got an email from AITP summarizing the NCC so I wanted to post you guys a summary too.

I got a certification COMMON Business Computing Associate. It was a test of 98 questions about various technical and business topics.

I competed in 2 competitions Microsoft Office Solutions (82 teams, I previously said there were more but that was wrong I kind of just assumed based of my team number, team 139) where I had to analyze and present data using Access, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, and Business Analysis (26 teams) where I had to take data from Access, transfer it to Excel, and analyze it (creating different types of graphs and then doing statistical analysis). Sadly I didn't place in eather of those.

But overall it was fun, a great experience. Lots of networking both with companies and with other students.

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